Sailor Moon Fans – Someone Call the Whambulance

As some of you know, I’m a Sailor Moon fan, a pretty big one actually. I recently did a video showing the new designs for the 2014 Sailor Moon Reboot that I’m really excited about. I think they’re very good and I said that much.

With one small critique, I was surprised the line art was so sloppy.Because it’s very sloppy.

I don’t know whether it was resized improperly or if it’s just concept art. But it’s messy and uneven, so much so it’s a little distracting. The video itself is actually very positive, my only real complaint was, “I’m surprised that this made it all the way to debut” given that it is some of the first art we’re seeing for a highly anticipated series. Especially since the poster art was so gorgeous. The degrade in quality is a bit jarring.

Sailor Moon Reboot Art Critique!

I had forgotten that fandoms can get a little…irrational when it comes to critique. Mainly because I’ve actually experienced very little of it myself. So let’s set the record straight: I’m right. I’m not trying to say I’m a better artist than the Naoko Takeuchi, because I never said that or even alluded to it. But some of you have said the reason for the difference is because it’s supposed to “look more like the manga” and “maybe you just haven’t read the manga”. Bitch, please.

Would you like a side by side comparison? Here’s one anyway. Because I’m right. My artist ego doesn’t make it look sloppy. VISION makes it look sloppy.

Takeuchi’s style was often very free and the lines could shift in width- but it was deliberate. Most of her lines was thin and wispy, giving the scenes as sense of movement that the thick, blunt lines in the new designs fail to capture. The new designs DO look more like the manga and I’m very happy about that. But the line art in these particular images was poorly done. I actually doubt it’s representative of the animation at all given the high standards anime has today.

Plus look at Rei’s leg in the top image…knees don’t do that.