New Holiday Cards and Sale

Getting ready for Christmas a bit early, I’ll be having a baby in a couple weeks and I heard a rumor that it effects your productivity.

Also, I’m having a Holiday Mailing Special through December 31st! All cards bought can be mailed to your address as normal, OR, they can be mailed to the recipient in an attractive holiday envelope (photos to come!). It may also include an optional message on the back if you like.  This is a great option for people who are overwhelmed with Christmas plans and need a little extra help. Also free shipping on all orders!

Order one, or you can get 10 for $10 at the Jellyfish Station Etsy Shop.

You can choose to include an optional message of your choice on the back on the card. If not, if will just be blank.


You can choose to include an optional message of your choice on the back on the card. If not, if will just be blank.

My Sweet Bunny Love Vengeance

Yeah, I should probably explain that title. Recently I was in Seattle and I walked into a store. I immediately spotted a t-shirt with a very similar design on it, and promptly freaked out. I wanted it- bad. Only to discover that it was not in my size, in fact it was nowhere near my size and in fact the shirt itself was very thin and had that stupid hems on the outside which is fashionable right now. Because… wearing your clothes inside out is…cool? Whatever. And it was almost $40. “FUCK. THAT.” I stated and I stormed my wobbling pregnant ass out of the store. Fuck that, indeed. So although I don’t intend to sell these shirts at all, because it’s probably illegal, I am going to make one for myself. Suck it, overpriced T-shirt store.


New Etsy shop

I was sitting in my friend’s car earlier this week, wallowing in a vat of impoverished self pity. I know that’s an attractive image, but stick with me. Anxiety is always at it’s peak right before a big show, will they like it? Will they hate it? Will it sell? What if I’m the worst artist there and everyone feels sorry for me. But like everyone is really nice to you? Like the mentally handicapped kid they let sing the national anthem at school. It’s a lot of pressure. I’m getting off track and I haven’t even written a paragraph yet.

The point is I have an Etsy account now. Don’t ask me how those two trains of thought are linked, I’m not sure myself. I’ll be selling prints of my artwork, but also cards and hopefully stickers, bookmarks, and all sorts of stuff. It’s in it’s infancy right now, send requests if you want something specific. ❤

Here are the cards I have up right now

My Etsy Shop