Seattle and Old sketches…

Back from my Seattle art show, really enjoyed it. However Seattle is a whole new adventure while pregnant- suddenly everything is uphill no matter what direction you seem to go. Anyway I sold 3 pieces- Diana and the Moon, Sweet Decending and Driving Fire. Which I’m happy about because I really thought Diana and the Moon is a beautiful piece. 🙂

ALSO! I was going the through the unrelenting maze that is my artwork folder (I seriously need and external hard drive. If you have digital art- GET ONE.) and found some work that may not have seen the light of day… or at least this blog. So, onward to the pictures!

My first experience with Ambien went something like this. Don’t do drugs, kids.

A cute Satyr from my 30/30 show last year, the original sold but reprints are possible.

A sketch from sadder days.

sketching out concepts.

more concept sketching

From my 30/30 show last year. Original sold, but reprints possible.

Okay, I’m about o do something horrible that I know some of you will resent me for. But it’s beyond my control. I hope you’ll forgive my saccharine mushy gushing but…

I know. I’m sorry. It’s just too awesome for me not to freak out and show everyone. Get used to this, folks.

ISH MAH BAYBEH! EEEE!!! It’s got a head and arms and everything- with moveable parts!! OWMAHGOD. I love this little person so much! =^.^=

Art show prints

Hey guys! Just a few updates about my two upcoming shows.

August 11th , FUSION Raw artist showcase: IMusic Ultra Lounge, Seattle

Live music
Fashion Show
Independent film screening
Art gallery
Cash bar

I still need to sell tickets to this event, it should be a lot of fun so buy a ticket and check it out! Get a ticket! 

August 12th, Avanti Art a Design VERSUS show

This a much more casual event- smaller venue, but there’s great food, wine… and y’know art and stuff.

My “versus” collection, Girl V World will revolve around women and girls, their perceptions of themselves and society’s reflection of that.


This collection is completely digital, so I’ll be doing a limited run of prints for both shows. I’ll also be selling postcards, and by postcards I mean small postcard shaped pictures you can do whatever the Hell you want with. Let me know if you want something signed, I promise to remember my pen this time!  ❤