Short Stories

Yes, I’m aware I don’t write very well. I’m still gonna and you can’t stop me- hahahahahaha   -M


The Ghost
A Portland woman agrees to meets an old friend for coffee and gets more than she bargained for.

The Egypt Story
An archaeologist and his assistant go in search of a Egyptian statue and instead find something way weirder.

Fangirl: Rewrite Part 1
We revisit the story of Jamie Ann hoping to flesh out her character and suck less at writing.

A College Memory
When the internet converges in a single Gender Studies class…


Young Jamie Ann Bentley’s obsession with a pop star leads her to Silent Hill where she comes face to face with a deranged stalker.

2 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Just read the story The Ghost. The first positive point is the dialogue. You have an ear for the rhythm of spoken words. It’s a gift. Too many writers’ dialogue goes on and on and on and … [you get the idea] or they don’t include any dialogue. Either type of story is lifeless.

    You also have the knack for telling a story coherently. Good storytellers are rare. Keep at it.

    I worked as a copy editor for several years and find it hard not to make notes about what I read. What I found in The Ghost are minor errors, all of which can be corrected on a more thorough read through. I suggest you do the same for any of your stories before posting them. As far as I’m concerned, the worst four-letter word to a writer is: edit. It is painful to see some of what we consider our best work being cut to pieces or removed entirely. I hate it but sometimes it’s necessary.

    Interesting note: Ray Bradbury is the only writer I’ve heard of who claimed never to rewrite any of his stories.

    You write better than you think you do. Why listen to naysayers and nitpickers? One piece of advice that helped me: The world will tell you who are until you tell the world. So, says I, tell the world and let them know.

    Keep writing and thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so very much for reading my story. It’s a rare gift to any writer to get real criticism. I often feel like I’m pissing into an ocean when I post stories on the internet. So I was very pleased to read this. “The Ghost” is really me just playing around, the writer’s equivalent of kid’s playing with action figures. My story “Fangirl” is my project right now which I have spent a lot more time on and I think is more indicative of my abilities. It’s actually a rewrite of a shorter story. If you ever read it, I would be happy to read what you think.

      Thanks again, -M

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