Fake Geek Girl Club



This is a show I do where I talk about current news in Nerdom. F2GC is open to all genital-havers, you don’t need to be a “geek girl” to join. The best thing about Fake Geek Girl Club is that being a fake geek girl is totally meaningless, meaning everyone is invited. Feel free to download your official F2GC badge:

PDF file: Best for printing out if you would prefer to design by hand.

PSD file: For Photoshop gurus and n00bs alike!


4 thoughts on “Fake Geek Girl Club

    • I’ll definitely be covering the specials of PGSM. However, there has been a lot of consideration as to what to do next as far as the summaries. The fact is the reviewer-scape and it’s audience are changing. More and more companies are cracking down on usage of their property and so a lot of content creators are trying to ween themselves off of shows that depend on copyrighted material to exist. I’m currently putting up a lot of content on my Youtube page so I will definitely keep you updated. 🙂

    • I think there will be another summary in the future. Although it probably wont be only a weekly basis. That rapid a schedule really ran me ragged and I think the show suffered for it. Also the show I’m considering doing has 1 hour episodes so each summary will be longer than the PGSM episodes. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Thank you for watching! ❤

  1. Are you going to start a new summaries series when you feel that you are fully finished with PGSM?
    i hope so =) i enjoy the videos! 😀

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