Code Name: Nycea

Hi, I’m Magdalen [Hi, Magdalen], and I’m an illustrator by trade and  a gamer. And a feminist. And writer… I think. Maybe. I’ll get back to you on that one. I do lots of different things.

One thought on “Code Name: Nycea

  1. Hi Nycea,
    For some reason I think I’ve seen your name on a face washing brand somewhere. Anyways, I recently subscribed to you on youtube after coming across your PTSD videos. In the second one you mentioned social media as this emotionally toxic place and I agree – but is it so black and white that you can’t meet good people from it too? Granted, it is difficult. But I think being good is more of a narrative of actions than it is one single, finite moment. And for one more thing – for all the idiots or fabulous minds out there – you shouldn’t forget the obscure. Look at the website link to my twitter – vacuous as hell, no? I’m just not good at making myself charismatic, especially on a digital electronic front. Or I don’t tweet enough or something. I did for a while, but after so many one-way tweets where it just seemed like I wasn’t really getting connected, I stopped. But I keep it up because the one tweet I left on it contains my art.

    So that being said, I am also an illustrator but not even at the level of semi-professional that you are. I completely relate to the way you critiqued the new Sailor Moon designs and the line-art mistakes are something I’ve made and OCD’ed over correcting time and time again. Feel free to come by my channel and critique away my art style which is amateurly hand-drawn all the way. I’ll save up for digital art equipment some day. And I hope this bit of communication reminds you of a some of the positive of social media.

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