Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is Super Amazing

I belong to a generation of now adults who grew up playing The Oregon Trail on floppy disk. If you didn’t grow up with this series then most likely you find our devotion to it baffling. The Oregon Trail had many incarnations but now seems to have lost all steam, replacing it’s hilarious live action actors with ho-hum cartoon clip art. Or maybe I’m just a grown up now, whatever. Few games have been able to fill the void left in our hearts. Enter Super Wagon Adventure*


Super Wagon Adventure takes the premise of The Oregon Trail and injects it with a high dose of internet weirdness. The game begins fairly normal, you pick three companions to join you on your wagon adventure to Oregon*. Then you’re attacked by bandits, then perhaps one of your comrades leaves the wagon to hunt for mushrooms, then perhaps one of those mushrooms sends your friend into a violent drug hallucination in which they must fight off their inner demons or die trying. I say “perhaps” because this is one of hundreds of different encounters that are possible. The game is quick paced, so in a matter of minutes I had shot at skunks, fought a bear, found a unicorn, been launched into space, and dodged a stampeding herd of buffalo.

There a plenty of unlockable wagons and achievements to acquire, however after playing the game religiously for about two days I had only unlocked one.

One downside to the game is that there are no checkpoints or saving mechanism, it’s made to be played from beginning until however far you get. When all three of your adventurers are dead, you start over at the beginning. Coupled with the games fairly high difficulty it can get pretty frustrating.

Controller-throwing temper tantrums aside, the game is fun and hilarious. I can safely say I never thought I would attacked by giants ants on the Oregon Trail.

VERDICT: Super Wagon Adventure is super weird. But also super fun. And super cheap I say go for it!

*YES. I’ve played Organ Trail, it’s just the same game model with zombies. Will you people ever let the zombie thing die?
*Which incidentally is the state I live in. We’re awesome.


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