Titan Attacks

Whenever I’m tired of sifting through the homogenous aliens and zombie games on XboxLive, I like to take a break to look at the games offered in the Indie section. Now these vary wildly in quality. Many are just games for Xbox avatars, Minecraft clones and of course that classic: puzzle game with naked girls underneath (you guys know the internet exists, right?). But every once in while an indie developer will really impress me.  So let’s take a look at developer PuppyGames title Titan Attacks.

from http://www.puppygames.net

When I first downloaded the trial my first instinct was it’s just another Space Invaders clone. And technically- it is. They’re website calls it “Neo Retro Arcade”, but it is so much more than just Space Invaders. The premise is simple. Aliens are attacking- shoot them. No points for originality, but the game definitely makes up for it in gameplay.

First of all, the game looks and sounds great. It updated the classic space invader graphics without losing the the retro feel. The player controls a tank at the bottom of the screen and shoots upward toward the approaching baddies. Although you’re not flying, the game controls a lot like the old Raiden carpet bombers of yore. This is where Titan Attacks really sets itself apart from just another clone. The player gets money for each alien shot down and can use it to upgrade the tank between levels.

This system adds a whole new element of strategy to a game that would otherwise get old pretty quick. Players can either spend money on more shield points for the next immediate level or save up for a new gun or extra bullets. Once you’ve beaten the invaders back from Earth, it’s onward to the Moon and so on with increasing difficulty.

Speaking of which, the difficulty is spot on, it doesn’t coddle the player and expects you to hold your own against the alien onslaught. But when you die, and you will, it’s always because of player error. I never once felt cheated out of a life by an unfair glitch.

 VERDICT: The game is insanely addictive. I highly recommend buying Titan Attacks on either Xbox or Steam.

2 thoughts on “Titan Attacks

  1. I saw Titan Attacks on Humble Bundle a few weeks ago but passed on it. After I read this review, I gave it a chance. It’s definitely worth it. The cash system adds to the game without messing up the pace.

    I disagree with you about one thing. When that vertical bar of static comes across the screen it’s caused me to not see a bullet and die. It’s a cool effect in the menu, but I think it should be disabled in-game.

    You should do more indie game reviews.

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