Best Rant EVER

I don’t read Jezebel anymore, like… ever. It swings from being totally pro women to obsessing over what celebrities wore to the grammys like a Bi-Polar Feminist fairy. But THIS is awesome, probably the most gratifying thing I’ve read on the topic of sexism. Every time someone asks me to explain objectification, gender politics, or why Anita Sarkeesian isn’t [insert sandwich joke here], I’m going to link this god damn article.

Quit Fucking Asking Me Questions: A Refresher Course

“It’s not black people’s responsibility to be your personal racism tutor, and it’s not women’s responsibility to take your moist little hand and give you a guided tour through the oppressive, old-timey limitations that circumscribe our lives. It is not my responsibility to vet every single one of your stupid rape jokes, and it is not Anita Sarkeesian’s responsibility to prove to you that gaming culture has a misogyny problem while she’s busy processing a bajillion “make me a sandwich, cunt“s from little baby gamer boys.”

As the adult child of an alcoholic that I am, I have a bit of a “I can fix this!” problem. Like if I sit down with someone calmly and  politely explain the problem, they will somehow understand. They don’t. They never do, and I’ve come to this conclusion fairly recently. It’s because they don’t want it to be true. I can say with certainty that anyone still trying to discredit Sarkeesian and her project are only doing so out of a desperate attempt to make it untrue. They want her to be wrong, and they’re willing to do some serious jumps in logic to get it.  It’s like trying to inject yourself into a debate about whether meat is murder by vehemently demanding proof that cows exist. You’re a little late to the party.

So if you would like to tweet or email me anymore of your theories on why male privilege doesn’t exist and why gaming is a paragon of equality, I only ask that you educate yourself on the topic at hand. Catch up on the last 20 years of established research on sexism and gender politics- then we’ll talk. However, I guarantee once you have, you wont want to yell at me anymore.




5 thoughts on “Best Rant EVER

  1. Oh yes, I know that.
    I stumbled on TGWTG about one guy, who did a video concerning Anita Sarkeesian. The tenor if his arguments were: [quote] “She is not a gamer, she needs to bring “workable solutions” and she all in all is just in this for the money.” [/quote]

    • A classic Ad Hominem attack: discredit the person without actually addressing their argument. Again, it’s been done a million times and debunked every time. I appreciate you even bothering with that guy because I was seriously not going to do it! XP

  2. You’re welcome. And the actual really fun thing is, that – even although I said: [quote] That’s why you call someone, who doesn’T share the same opinion as you do and might or might not be a bit cynical, sarcastic, what have you, “a troll”. Because that is the person-on-the-internet-s way of saying “boohooo, they are mean to me.” [/quote] he said, I would be trolling him. ^^ So… apparently he didn’t find a better way of retorting.


    Although I had liked to see you saying something concerning that matter.



    • I would but there is no point. Tim doesn’t want to understand the real issue, he doesn’t want to debate. He wants to be right and he wants Sarkeesian to be wrong. If I were to join the conversation he would inevitably debated himself into a corner and then do one of two things: say I have some sort of hidden agenda, or throw up his hands and decry that the conversation can’t continue because we REFUSE to understand his point of view. Please understand, I’ve had this conversation probably 100 times now. Tim doesn’t understand the slightest bit about the real problems and why sexism in the media is so problematic. He’s totally uneducated on the subject but feels he’s an authority because he’s a gamer. Him and a thousand others. It’s not real debate, he’s just mad and doesn’t know how to handle it. 🙂

  3. Another point I can make there – he is a gamer and he is afraid, that this ominous change might end up getting his favourite toy away.
    I mean – talking video games, I am out of the loop since the development of Nintendo 64 (which is… I think… 6 to 10 years old), but… I think, that the idea of a gender-equal Zelda-game could work. In the best possible way: you can choose if you want to play as Zelda or Link and could choose your way. that would be a game with RPG-elements, which would not necessarily resort to use violence as ultima ratio.

    The other option would be, that you can choose to play as Zelda or Link the other one (the one you are not playing) is kidnapped. That would be the cheapest solution… however still be a possibility.

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