ChezApocalypse Twilight with Cthulhu scene…lol

The ladies of ChezApocalypse are (or were depending on when you’re reading this.) looking for freelance writers to help create their hilarious homage to Twilight, the currently unnamed project we have been calling 50 Shades of Green. I’m not a writer, and don’t intend on getting picked- however I woke up the other day and thought of a scene for the book. I don’t actually think it fits that well because it involves zero men and I never refer to anything as “glistening”. But I thought I’d share. It’s always fun when projects get your creative juices flowing. (ew, juices. Gross.)

In the Courtyard

“…Anastasia shook herself from her reverie. She would never get anything done again if she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She scanned the courtyard- trying not to look for him- as she was packing up her bag and stopped suddenly as her eyes fell on Kayleigh Macintosh. Ana stared in disbelief. Something was happening that had never happened in the past sixteen years. For starters, she was alone. Kayleigh was never alone. She was always surrounded by the buzz of popular life. She was not at her usual table with her usual friends. In fact, Anastasia couldn’t recall seeing any of the cheer leading team that day. Kayleigh was sitting in the grass, tucked behind a tree where no one could see her. Her shoulders slumped forward and long golden hair was covering her tan face. Since the beginning of middle school, Anastasia had known her. She was as beautiful and adored as Ana was plain and unnoticed. They had been in the same Math class together for 2 years, and she never said one word to her. And today, in the courtyard, Kayleigh Deanne Macintosh was staring straight at her…

Ana’s heart pounded in her chest. Something was wrong. Not just the oddity of seeing the captain of the cheer leading team looking at her. But it was the way she was looking. Kayleigh’s blue eyes were wide and unblinking. Her perfect mouth was tight and angry. Her manicured nails seemed to be digging into the Earth underneath her toned legs. There was a viciousness in her expression Anastasia had never seen. And yet… she felt something else. Fear. It was as if someone- or something -was using Kayleigh like a puppet. Looking through her at Anastasia. She fumbled with her book bag and quickly walked back inside. It was then that Ana realized two things: that she was somehow able to sense this new powerful force that has appeared; and that something was very, very wrong at Shady Brooke High.”


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