Art and Chrome ate my Homework

Well I had this long post written about storytelling and digital narcissism all typed out. I quoted H.P Lovecraft and talked about my favorite moments in Seattle. Then with one refresh the entire thing was gone. So while I have my tantrum under control I think I’ll post some more art from the last show. Stupid Google Chrome… I swear it was deep and philosophical… IT WAS!


2 thoughts on “Art and Chrome ate my Homework

  1. Hola! I’m back to drool over more of your fabulous work.

    All three of these pics jump out at me since there seems to be a reoccurring them of Ying and Yang or Light and Dark…or Ego and the Self. My favorite is definitely the first illustration since its message is more in your face, and of course the angles and minor details are wonderful. I truly hope you book an illustration job for some kind of publication. I’d buy immediately. I work for a company that sells children’s books, and your illustrations are much more intricate and appealing than most of those books I’ve seen. Some art in those books are insulting to look at…but back to the point (Hehe, I do that a lot.)

    Even though I am in love with the Ying Yang drawing at the top (What’s the title?), I also enjoy the subtlety of the last drawing. The young woman looks in the mirror and sees herself. Powerful! The light and the darkness is her. I love it.

    I hope you find the light within yourself to rewrite your analysis :P.
    Well, keep submitting – peace!

    • I’m glad you enjoy it! Yes, this last show was had a theme of “Masquerade” and so I did a lot of thinking about self perception, personalities, and the real self. I would really love to work with a publisher again, but that kind of work is scarce and the market is very saturated. I know what you mean about some of the art in children’s books. You look at it and go, “Was this DRAWN by children too?” ha ha! I guess the figure kids wont know the difference. I was always very picky about that sort of thing. I could never get into a story if the illustrations were ugly. Heck, I’m still that way.

      The first picture is entitled Gemini ^ ^ I haven’t checked if it’s sold at the gallery yet, but if it doesn’t this month I’ll be sure to put it up for sale online. ❤

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