Rosy Halo /w Copic markers

Spent a little time doing some traditional work. I’m working on Copic brand paper for a change, which is new for me. The paper I was using was much thicker and thus prone to feathering and bleeding. Which is no bueno when you’re trying to stay in the lines. Overall I like the new paper! It’s smooth and has removed pretty much all of my marker bleeding problems, which is also good for conserving your marker pigments. I ordered my paper from The Drawing Board which was awesome. I got a 25% discount plus free shipping. Rad.

Here’s a little sketch I did on the same paper.

Working on show stuff now, exciting! Next show is October 14th, hope to see you there :3

4 thoughts on “Rosy Halo /w Copic markers

  1. Hehe! Your description above reads like Greek to me. However, I still found your art project to be captivating, especially “Rosy Halo.” Wow! I truly love how you draw hair. It’s really adds personality to the character, and here, “Rosy’s” hair give her more angelic, romantic attributes. I just love that illustration. I can’t stop gazing at it.

    • Thanks! Ha ha so about the paper, basically if you have thick paper, it’s like a sponge for the ink in your pen. That’s what causes it to spread out, and it can mess up your picture.

      I LOVE drawing hair, it’s why I’m so bad at drawing boys! XD

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