Girl V. World

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6 thoughts on “Girl V. World

  1. The first one is striking and I absolutely love despite having no clue of the context. The second one looks like something you’d put up in a skyscraper’s lobby in the 20s or 30s. It’s not bad, it’s just lacking context. Like there should be some quote above here head. Anyways, I’m an inebriated non arty writer person.

    • Thanks! Yeah I’m big into old stylized art like art deco and old war posters. My entire collection has to do with women and girls- their self worth, identity, and perceptions of the world. The first one is called “Self Destruct” and is about how destructive women can be to themselves, both physically and mentally.

      The second one, “How I Will Raise Her” has a more positive message. (It’s funny that you should mention it needing a title, because it originally had one, but my husband suggested it was self explanatory and didn’t need one.) Anyway, it’s about mothers and how we raise our daughters. We like to believe that men are the force keeping women oppressed- and in other countries, this is very much the case- but here in America women have become the biggest opponents of feminism. We judge each other, compete against one another, alienating girls who are awkward or differnent: when a girl wears and ugly dress to a party, whose laughing behind her back? It’s not the men- it’s the women. And we ultimately raise our daughters to be the same. So that cycle of hurt and judgment should end with the next generation of girls. Thanks for stopping by~

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