Art show prints

Hey guys! Just a few updates about my two upcoming shows.

August 11th , FUSION Raw artist showcase: IMusic Ultra Lounge, Seattle

Live music
Fashion Show
Independent film screening
Art gallery
Cash bar

I still need to sell tickets to this event, it should be a lot of fun so buy a ticket and check it out! Get a ticket! 

August 12th, Avanti Art a Design VERSUS show

This a much more casual event- smaller venue, but there’s great food, wine… and y’know art and stuff.

My “versus” collection, Girl V World will revolve around women and girls, their perceptions of themselves and society’s reflection of that.


This collection is completely digital, so I’ll be doing a limited run of prints for both shows. I’ll also be selling postcards, and by postcards I mean small postcard shaped pictures you can do whatever the Hell you want with. Let me know if you want something signed, I promise to remember my pen this time!  ❤


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