Finding your artistic roots

This is an exercise I’ve done before, and I think it’s a great way to identify your artistic influences. It’s like a collage of all the drawings, paintings, or concepts that you love. Whatever stands out in your mind, catches your eye more than other things, add it to the collage. What you end up with is like a story. A story about all the things that made you fall in love with art. This is not limited to actual pieces of artwork, films, fashion, even just color combinations that you are drawn to, they’re like puzzle pieces that fit together to make a picture of you.

Here is mine.

Alphonse Mucha

Legend – the entire movie, but specifically Tim Curry as the Lord of Darkness.

Maxfield Parrish

Lois van Baarle

Steampunk – Yes, I am that kind of geek.  Eric Freitas is an accomplished Steampunk Artist.

John William Waterhouse

Sailor Moon – I think this might be the only list in the world that would put Sailor Moon underneath Waterhouse. I am ashamed.

Silent Hill – Apart from being a very good video games series, Silent Hill managed to conjure all sorts of amazing and thought-provoking imagery that really inspires me.

Sedako and the Ringu series – The Ringu series (the Japanese originals that is) are both a set of novels and films. Aside from being pants-shittingly scary, there are powerful concepts, imagery and symbolism throughout the series.


The Dark Crystal

Upon reflection I don’t think I could have made this a girlier post if I tried. It’s clear I have a very feminine style. I love figures, fabric, structure,  hands. movement and bright colors. In concepts I’m drawn to ideas of self reflection, the inner self, and worlds of fantasy. But also intent, determination and the ability act in the physical world by only willing it. There are of course other great artists that inspire me, Da Vinci, Botticelli are among them. But I think they tend to be a catch all because they’re awesome for such obvious reasons. I encourage you all to try this method, it’s fun and can really give you some insight.

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