Stealing Like an Artist and other wise musings

I recently stumbled upon the musings of Austin Kleon. The wrote How to Steal Like an Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Ever Told Me). Don’t let the inflammatory title fool you, this guy knows his stuff. He created the Newspaper Blackout book, a cool concept in itself. But the aforementioned is chalk full of so much sagaciousness (is that a word? I don’t care) I want to call him Grandpa Austin. His post details some of the most common fears and insecurities that artists and writers experience. Are you being unoriginal? It doesn’t matter, because everything has been done before. Are you just an impostor in a room full of real artist?  Guess what- everyone in the room feels that way. He encourages you to create what you like, and not to wait until you think you’re ready to do so. That creating the art you love should be what you want, not the art you think others will praise you for. I especially love his section about how important it is to be boring, how the “bohemian artist” lifestyle of drugs and partying actually interferes and gets in the way of your craft. That’s awesome. If your looking for the pep talk of a lifetime, check out Austin Kleon. He’s my new Grandpa.

I feel so... encouraged! Must create ARTS!

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